Executive | Advisor | Speaker | Podcast host within Tech, Diversity, Regenertive Leaderhip and FutureOfWork.

I believe that
• Leadership makes a difference
• Digitalization drives business innovation

• Diversity drives the future

• Reflection drives creativity

• Compassion is the only true way forward

I help leaders get fit for the future, lead with heart and mind, and grow together with their employees and organization.

I'm facinated by the link between humans, tech & society. Believing in consious leadership and wholeheartet workplaces that nutures emotion, creativity, human connections and empahty.




Bridge the Gap

Digitization and Hybrid Work has changed your business model, your team dynamics and your employees. I can help you tune in, to LISTEN and outline the dysfunctions,

This step encourages curiosity and compassion to boost creativity and radical innovation, to inspires, ignite and make commitment.

Together we break down complexity to build up strong ecosystems and sustainable workplaces.


Leap Forward

Introducing New Ways of Working and transforming the role of leaders.

Together we HACK your structures, processes and cultural habits. We clean up, throw out, and make room for fewer practices. Each hack is supported by systems and practices, directly shaping behaviour with significant impact on culture, and consisousnes. 


Make People Thrive

Together we create af new WORK CULTURE & MINDSET 

I help you design organisational work flows that inspires people to thrive, innovate and perform. A carring work environment in which people support each other in doing the work of the organization while having a natural space for reflection and doing their inner work.

Lets have a cup of coffee




Inspiration, research and cases from innovative frontrunners to kick-start team discussions and new business perspectives. 

Format: 30-90 mins.

Topic examples:

  • The Future of Work

  • The New Leadership Paradigm

  • Regerative Leadership

  • 4-day work week

  • Agile Leadership

Format: 2-8 hour

Topic examples:

  • Hybrid workplace

  • Detox your ego, how to lead with compassion
  • Digitization & new business models
  • Regerative Leadership in practice

  • Hack your meetings and cultural habits
  • 4-day work week in practice

  • Agile Leadership & TEAL organizations

I can help you transform your business and grow together with your strongest asset; your awesome people

I love solving problems, help make visions into reality, grow businesses, and build organizational cultures where people thrive and perform